My First Post


This is my first blogging post. What you want to know about me. I teach middle school Math and Science. Yes, that’s right. I have condemned myself to working with what my college professors have called “The armpit of human development.” Think about it. At that age (11-13) you are going through a period of changing. You are getting used to your growing body and are generally awkward. Add to that you are learning that ‘cooties’ are not a bad thing and you are trying to be an adult but truly have not mastered your understanding of the concept! Add to all of these an extreme interest in the social world and the feeling that you can take on the world. What isn’t there to love about this age group??

Really I do like what I do and everyday, I work to inspire the youth of today to be leaders tomorrow. That’s right I am working to INSPIRE THE FUTURE!!

What will you expect to find on this blog in the future? I am hoping to bring things that I use in my classroom and inspire the students. I will post the ideas and pictures of the things that I use in my classroom and hopefully inspire a few other people teaching middle school!!