I Believe…


I have reached the end of my work on creating high-quality units using the Understanding by Design Model. I have learned a lot and thought about the art and science of teaching.

  • I believe my work needs to be purposeful and intentional. I can’t just throw a bunch of things at the wall and hope that they stick. I need to think about what my intended outcomes are going to be and why they should be each of the following. I need to make transfer goals intentional and not just something that I hope happens when I am not looking.
  • I believe that starting with the end goal in mind and then designing assessments that will demonstrate the end goal will increase the transfer of information from the classroom to real-world situations.
  • I believe that once the end goals are in place, designing a learning plan to guide students to the goals will naturally fall into place. Designing the learning plan first then the assessments does not create the most meaningful learning for our students.
  • I believe that nothing is learned in a vacuum. Teaching and Learning is messy and noisy. Students need time to grapple with difficult questions and struggles. Learning in collaborative and students need the opportunity to work in groups to create meaning from the information that they are given.

One thought on “I Believe…

  1. Pat Christiansen

    Wow…you make me proud šŸ™‚ Your 4 concise beliefs demonstrate very clearly to me your focus moving forward in your educational journey. Keep these very close to you as reminders however, I can see the growth in your thinking over these past 8 weeks and I feel you are close to establishing these as habits of mind! I really appreciated hearing your development of assessments and how you are looking at assessments from a whole different perspective. It helps me solidify the understanding for myself that knowledge is power. It is through the research we do for ourselves that continues to drive us in our profession, continually getting just better and better at what we do. Again, keep those thoughts going trying out different ways of tracking student understanding. I see a classroom filled with students wrestling with “problems”, collaborating with one another in their discoveries and a teacher walking around from group to group documenting observations and providing the extra “push” each group needs to take them further in their investigations. Enjoy the successes, embrace the challenges and learn from it all! Keep in touch if you need anything along the way. Always happy to guide and assist where needed!


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