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I’ve thought about incorporating twitter into my professional practice for some time now, but have always backed out because of concerns about inappropriate use. I feel that some explanation is needed here… A couple of years before I student taught, a student at my college was taken out of the student teaching program because of some inappropriate use of Facebook. At the time, Facebook was reliatively new and the student in question had things on his profile that he should not be exposing to students. As a precaution, my school gave us all strict instructions to disable our facebook pages or at the very least bump up our security! Since this experience, I have been very diligent on maintaining my Facebook page and have been hesitant to use other social media sites to their advantage.

Social media such as Facebook, twitter, etc has the opportunity to connect educators from around the world. Through my twitter feed (similar to my Facebook news feed) I can create a professional learning network for myself. I once described myself as a “Professional Development Junkie.” I love going to professional development days (even if they are just ones where I get to work with my team) because I love talking to other educators. I find that it rejuvenates me and my practice.

As teachers, it is easy to feel like we are stuck on an island by ourselves because we have limited opportunities to connect with even the teachers at our own schools. A PLN through twitter would make this feeling easier to shake and help me incorporate more into my teaching practice. I look forward to connecting with more educators in the weeks and months to come!

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