Personal/Professional Growth Inventory


During the past 8 weeks, my graduate coursework has been centered around the networked global community. While I would not currently consider myself a networked educator, I have made strides toward connecting more to the world of educators around me. (If not actually connecting, at least accessing greater amounts of information and encouragement from them.

I have discovered and learned how to interact with twitter chats. I understand the power of the # (hashtag) to summarize your thinking and the impact of 140 characters. What a challenge to take my grand ideas from a large scale from an entire blog post and condense it down to 140 characters! I know there are some ideas that I have that I couldn’t do justice to in 140 characters.

While I am still a lurker of sorts on Twitter, in complete fairness, I am a lurker on Facebook in my personal life. That sounds weird, but I like to observe for a while prior to jumping into a conversation. In fact, I remember my freshman year of college, in my symposium class (aka english) I would observe the conversation and gain other peoples viewpoints and only contribute to the conversation when it was required or when I had something important to say. During a conference with my professor, she spoke about the power I had in those situations. While I may not contribute a lot, she saw the quality of what I did contribute. She saw how my classmates would listen and process what I contributed to the conversation. They knew that I wasn’t going to just add random suggestions that were not assets to the conversation, but that I would contribute in a way to move the conversation forward.

Maybe that’s not the best approach, but it’s what I am comfortable with for now. As I gain a greater sense of self, I will begin contributing more to the online and virtual PLC. I will continue to make an effort to have my efforts for an online sense of self that matches my in-person PLC contributions.

I have other networks that I enjoy participating in. I presented on them in April during my class time. See the presentation below for more information about my experiences.

One thought on “Personal/Professional Growth Inventory

  1. I love this blog theme. It’s awesome.

    I appreciate the fact that you do make sure to communicate ideas when you feel like you can really move a discussion forward or contribute something new. I also strongly believe that you have developed a voice that needs to be heard. You’re a teacher-leader and others can definitely benefit from your voice and ideas. Make sure your voice gets heard!

    Thank you for this blog entry.


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