Day 72: Parallel, Perpendicular or Neither




Today we had Guided Groups. Most of the time students spend working on the math software that we are required to use and they are required to spend a minimum of 50 minutes on during the week. This is pretty much the only day that I get to use the computers unless one of my co-workers decides that they are not using the cart on their assigned days. It bums me out that we can’t get to more exciting opportunities but nothing I can do about that.

Today during my 8th grade guided group, we worked on the idea of parallel, perpendicular or neither. This was our second day on the topic so we started with a review. No surprise, most students remembered what that parallel lines have slopes that are the same, but the understanding of perpendicular line slopes was more challenging to grasp. Once I talked through a couple of examples it made a lot more sense to them. (Non-examples were also very useful.)

I then gave the students two sets of points that were on a line and they were asked if the lines were parallel, perpendicular or neither. Some of my lower kiddos needed an explanation that they needed to find the slope of both sets of points and then they compared the slopes. Once they did the first one, the next several problems were easier for them.

The biggest problem we had was loosing negative signs due to carelessness, but that’s pretty normal for 8th graders.

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