Late Night Probability


This year my team has set a goal to increase our student achievement in the Data Analysis and Probability strand. Unfortunately, this strand is typically one of the last strands that my school teaches last. It makes it a challenge to access the information from previous years and to get this content across before the standardized test in the spring. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to spend one day each week in each homeroom working on this strand.

We all know how excited students are to come to math class. Now imagine that you tell them that they get to participate in a second math class once a week. They are angry thrilled!! As a result, I work to at least make these lessons interesting and memorable.

When I was first introduced to the #MTBoS (Math Twitter Blogosphere), I spent some time looking through the resources that were available online. I found a video where someone explained that he taught probability using the idea of Egg Russian Roulette. He had plastic eggs and some had bits of paper in them and the students would calculate the probability of getting an egg with paper in it. (His name is Bob Lochel  @bobloch – and here is his video.)

Because I am spending time in other teacher’s classrooms, I am thought it would be wrong to bring small scraps of paper that would drop all over the floor. Instead I had the students use a piece of paper and we created table to calculate the probability and then watched Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum play Egg Russian Roulette. I stopped after the directions to make sure that students understood the rules and the number of raw vs. hard-boiled. We stopped after each round to practice calculating the probability. Once we finished the Channing Tatum we watched Anna Kendrick and Jimmy Fallon. This time the students were on their own to calculate the probabilities. I did not stop the video for them to catch up.


You can check out the videos here:

Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum Egg Russian Roulette

Jimmy Fallon and Anna Kendrick Egg Russian Roulette

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