It’s Friday night, I just took a hot shower and I’m sitting on my couch watching some old episodes of ER eating some frozen potstickers for dinner (I didn’t feel like cooking!). I keep a bullet journal of things that I would like to/need to get done over the course of the day. Today, there was nothing crossed off. I had a list of things to do and despite the fact that I am sitting her exhausted, I accomplished nothing?!

I started making a list of all the things that I did do. Here it is…

  • Create Trivia quiz for staff to complete during lunch.
  • Double check the answer key for my 8th grade test. (Sometimes teachers make mistakes too!)
  • Grade 8th grade homework that needed to be returned today. – There was a lot and it had been backed up for two weeks.
  • Review expectations during testing with 8th grade students.
  • Collect all homework from this week from 8th graders.
  • Troubleshoot student login issues for the online testing system.
  • Supervise students in the hallway during passing time and in the middle of class (when they were causing enough of a distraction to interrupt my class).
  • Assure 8th graders that weren’t done with their test that we would finish testing on Monday.
  • Finish writing 7th grade assessment for the afternoon.
  • Boost team moral through a mid-day run to Caribou Coffee. – Including my own personal sanity.
  • Quickly grade 1/2 of the 7th grade homework that needed to be returned.
  • Review expectations for 7th grade assessment.
  • Discuss how to input answers for the online test (Because adding an extra comma or being off by even one digit will result in the question being marked wrong until I can review their answers.)
  • Graded the 2nd half of 7th grade homework to be returned.
  • Avoided a complete class melt down when the rounding during the math problems caused questions to be marked wrong on the assessment.
  • Managed 5th hour classroom behavior that was involved an insane amount of talking during assessments.
  • Checked staff trivia question results.
  • Input all of this week’s lesson plans into the online system
  • Emptied my turn in bins of everything that had been piling up there for a couple of weeks. – This was huge!! I had things waiting for my portfolio that had been there since before Winter Break.
  • Put all my master copies into my master copy binder.

And to think I was sitting here thinking I didn’t accomplish anything today!

I hope your days felt more accomplished than mine did. As always, Live Long & Learn!

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