Numbers About Me


In preparing for school to start, I am planning to have my students complete the Numbers About Me activity that I’ve seen floating around the internet. I think I first found it at Everybody is a Genius and then I saw something similar on Math = Love. I once did a very watered down version of the activity that was essentially a template/worksheet. That version was not as successful as I had hoped. I ended up with generic answers to questions and random drawings (mostly multicolored scribbles).

It’s a new year so a new opportunity for me to try something new. I made a presentation about numbers about Ms. Schley. I used it as a quiz of sorts. We then practiced names while students guessed the answers. I would tell them higher or lower and other students would guess. Once we had guessed the correct number, I used it as an opportunity to tell them a little bit about myself. Even the 8th graders that I had last year enjoyed guessing and remained engaged in the activity.


Once we had talked about the numbers about me, I gave the students the assignment of creating numbers about them. They will then use these numbers to decorate the outside of their interactive notebooks. This activity will probably take place at the end of the week so look for an update then.